It’s a machine that controls something in the real world, yet is accessible via the internet. Our “World-Wide Web-enabled Christma-Hannu-Kwansa Tree” for example. Or our “Chow On Main Button.” We love creating things that are controllable via app – or stand alone device.

World-Wide Web-enabled Christma-Hannu-Kwansa Tree

This tree has a sophisticated LED light grid wrapped round it, giving it the capability of presenting any color in the visible spectrum. The trick is that you can watch the tree thru your iPhone App (via live cam), or live in person – and then control the light show – with any of 200,000 different pre programed patterns and combinations. A message from you to your family. Or mimic the Eiffel Tower’s light show. Just set the time with the app, and wherever you are in the world, at the appointed time the tree will glow with your pattern for 30 seconds. The Live Cam will take a photo, make a holiday card out of it, email it to you (and your list of friends), post it to your media accounts etc. Currently two municipalities are looking at it; look for a news update when we can share more.  And the project was just nominated for the Night Foundation Award. Woo-hoo 🙂 Happy Holidays indeed! (read more here)

Chow On Main Button. “One Push” and hot Vietnamese food arrives at your door. Pho shizzle 

So we love Asian food over here. We love it almost as much as tinkering with cool devices we can use to take over the world. Ah, yes. Take over the world. But that’s hungry thinking. And what better to do than order our favorite food? But it takes so long, and it’s really boring to try and distract everyone from cool stuff they’re doing to think about what they want to eat – and then to actually have to endure endless holds and shift changes at the local restaurants on Friday nights. Err, Thursday nights. So we took a buncha parts from and made our Lego encased button. It sends a signal to our App (which, yes, is pre-configured to order from our fave Viet restaurant). A green light goes on when order is accepted. Wifi-to-App-to-restaurant-to-our-doorstep, usually in a little over 30 minutes. Yum.

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